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WELCOME to Accra Massage 

your discount massage center. Yes, we are known for our chilling discount offers all year long that no one else offers.

Our spa’s are comfortable places to revive your body. 

We are the most visible massage center in Ghana . The only spa you can see on billboards across Ghana  and we employ the largest number of massage therapists more than any other massage center in Ghana.
Weather you want a home service or you want a treat in spa we are the leading name in Ghana.
Come visit us at Accra Massage- We are talented therapists with a lot of returning customers that like our service. Our spa is calm and relaxing. The relaxing music is lovely and soothing as you get to relax and be pampered by our massage therapists.
 Even if you only come in for a Foot  massage, you can rest and enjoy the peace. 
Our Massage helps you to Boost your Spirits and Energy, Reduce Pain, Relieve Stress, and Improve Circulation. At the end, you will feel peace and escape from the daily grind. 

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